Invitation for the Czech Rogaining Championships 2014

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SKOB Zlín, orienteering club


Czech Association of Rogaining and Mountain Orienteering (ČAR)


28. – 29. 6. 2014


Velké Karlovice, Machúzky camp

Event type:

– Czech championships 24 hours rogaine (Sa 11:00 – Su 11:00)

– 12 hours rogaine – open race (Sa 11:00 – 23:00)

– 6 hours rogaine – open race (Sa 11:00 – 17:00)

Competition Area:

Javorníky – area between cities Valašská Bystřice, Hutisko-Solanec, Prostřední Bečva, Horní Bečva, Mezivodí, Bumbálka, and the state border with SR


Moderately hilly (450-1024 metres above sea level), covered by woods with densely populated central valley and sparse population in rest of the area. Moderate number of paths. It’s quite popular tourist area, part of PLA Beskydy.


special map for rogaining, scale 1 : 50 000, with 10 m contours, updated 04/2014, waterproof layout

Punching system:

electronic SI – SPORTident. Every competitor has to have her/his own SI card!

Applicable SI cards:

  • for 24 hours:

SI-6 n. 500001 – 999999 64c

SI-10 n. 7000001 – 7999999 128c

SI-11 n. 9000001 – 9999999 128c

possibly SI-9 n. 1000001 – 1999999 50c! – can’t take all controls!)

!!! SI-9 have lover capacity than number of controls in terrain!!!

  • for 12 and 6 hours:

SI-5 n. <= 499999 30c

SI-8 n. 2000001 – 2999999 30c

SI-9 n. 1000001 – 1999999 50c

and SI cards applicable for 24 hours race

Controls over the capacity will not be accepted!

Hash house in and out should be punched which means 2 place in the capacity of SI card.

The SI cards can also be hired from the organizers for a fee 70 CZK per chip.


– 24 hours – MO, WO, XO, MV, WV, XV, MSV, WSV, XSV, MJ, WJ, XJ

– 12 hours – MO12, WO12, XO12

– 6 hours – MO6, WO6, XO6, MJ6, WJ6, XJ6, HDR

– M – all members are men

– W – all members are women

– X – there is at least one woman and one man in the team

– V – veteran class, all members 1974 and older

– SV – „super“veteran – 1959 and older

– J – junior class 1994 and younger

– HDR – sightseeing category for parents with children, there is at least one adult in the team

A team consists of 2-5 members.

All team members must stay together during the whole race. If any member of a team gives up the race his/her team is obliged to come back to finish and end up the race.

Any participant younger than 18 years has to be accompanied by a team member older than 18 year. Participants younger than 16 years can take part in the rogaining only with a written consent of his/her parents or legitimate representative.

Taking part in the rogaining race is at the own risk of each competitor. The organizer doesn’t hold any responsibility and/or liability for any damage caused by any participant of the race.

Participation fees:

(24 and 12 hours rogaine)

– registration up to 30. 5. 2014 – 500 CZK per one team member

– registration up to 15. 6. 2014 – 600 CZK per one team member

– registration after 15. 6. 2014 – 700 CZK per one team member

The fees include the starting fee, the map, accommodation in the event area (tent from Friday to Sunday, parking nearby the event center, refreshment in the hash house and a lot of wonderful experience.

(6 hours rogaine)

– registration up to 20. 5. 2014 – 250 CZK per one team member

– registration up to 15. 6. 2014 – 350 CZK per one team member

– registration later – 450 CZK per one team member

The fees includes the map, parking nearby the event center, showers and toilets, refreshment after the race and the wonderful experience. Those interested in a overnight stand can at the registration pay 70 CZK fee per person in tent for night

Registration of participants:

On-line on the event web site

In case of problems you can register by e-mail: You can also use it for questions. Or by post. Address: Monika Krejčíková, Nad Stráněmi 4679, 76005 Zlín

The registration form has to contain: Names of all team members with dates of birth, the name of the team, class, SI card numbers or request to borrow them and an e-mail address to contact the team.


Fees to be paid by bank transfer. Account number 4080002310/6800

When payment is determined by the date of the transaction. For applications implemented through the web give details of the payment (variable symbol, the message to the recipient) according to the instructions that will be displayed after successful registration. For applications sent by e-mail or mail, please type in the message for the recipient team name and the name of one member of the team. Other payments (rental for chips, accommodation) to be paid at registration.


For 24 hours rogaine participants in own tents only in restricted area at the event center. Competitors for 12 hours (or eventually 6 hours) can use more comfortable accommodation in the surrounding – Velké Karlovice


(Friday 27. 6.)

– 18:00 – 23:00 – Registration of 6, 12 and 24 hours rogaine participants

(Saturday 28. 6.)

– 7:00 – 8:30 – Registration of participants

– 8:00 – 8:45 – SI card sealing

– 9:00 – map distribution for 24, 12 annd 6 hours rogaine

– 11:00 – start of 24, 12 and 6 hours rogaine

– 16:00 – Hash house opens

– 17:00 – Finish of 6 hours rogaine

– 19:00 – 6 hours rogaine price-giving ceremony

– 23:00 – Finish of 12 hours rogaine

(Sunday29. 6.)

– 9:00 – 12 hours rogaine price-giving ceremony

– 11:00 – Finish of 24 hours rogaine

– 12:00 – Hash house closes

– 13:00 – 24 hours rogaine price-giving ceremony

Map distribution:

– Saturday, 28. 6. at 9:00 a.m. – for 24, 12 and 6 hours rogaine

Start of the race:

– Saturday, 28. 6. at 11:00 a.m. – for 24, 12 and 6 hours rogaine


– Saturday, 28. 6. at 5:00 p.m – 6 hours rogaine

– Saturday, 28. 6. at 11:00 p.m – 12 hours rogaine

– Sunday, 29. 6. at 11:00 a.m. – 24 hours rogaine

Classification system:

Each check point is marked on the map and in control descriptions together with its value varying from 30 to 90 points – the value of each control is equal to its first digit times 10. The number and order of control points is up to discretion of each team (go-as-you-please). Passing of each control point has to be marked by inserting the SI card into the SI unit. Each control point is marked by a white-orange lampion (control kite) of size 30×30 cm, SI unit and punches (just in case of the SI unit failure). The final ranking of each team depends on the sum of the points gained. In case of an equal point result, the faster time wins. Exceeding the given time limit results in penalization – each started minute equals to 20 points being taken away. If the time limit is exceeded by more than 30 minutes, the team will not be classified.


Nearby the event center. Please respect organizers‘ instructions


Not provided by the organisers, please find your own transport to the event.
In case of emergency, organizers are able to provided transport from Vsetín Friday night.


During the race a non-stop hash house in the event center.
During it’s openning hours restaurant in Machúzky camp.
There will be a buffet run by organisers, providing simple food, cakes, tea, coffee etc.

Baby sitting:

after agreement will be available only for category 6 hours.
Nurseries must be arranged individually beforehand, we take only reasonably independent children.


– director: Monika Krejčíková

– technical director: Monika Krejčíková

– course setters: Zbyněk Krejčík, Anna Stackeová, Jiří Stacke

– Hash house: Blanka Kalendová

– jury: will be compiled on the basis of registered participants of race


on the event website – or via e-mail:


The race is organized according to the IRF and ČAR rules. Eventual exceptions shall be noted on the race web or in additional instructions in the event area. The race takes place near the Czech-Slovak border.

Note of Approval:

Invitation was approved by the Czech rogaining association in April 2014

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